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Goodnotes templates planner 2023

Goodnotes templates planner 2023

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Do you want to maximize your productivity and achieve your goals efficiently? Our digital planner is the perfect tool for you. With our app, you'll be able to create personalized to-do lists and reminders, assign priorities, and mark completed tasks with just a few clicks. In addition, you will be able to plan your publications on social networks and keep track of multiple projects at the same time. And if you want to work on your personal development, our planner offers you the option to create personal goals and objectives and keep track of your progress. Find out why our digital planner is the best option to lead an organized and productive life!


★ Premium Ultimate Digital Planner★

✔ Professionally designed with thousands of hyperlinks for quick and easy navigation

✔ All pages can be easily duplicated and/or deleted

★ In order to use this product, you need to have a PDF annotation app (GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf, etc.) installed on your device.

★ Not designed for use with OneNote.


❖ Home Page Index

❖ Annual calendar

❖ Year at a glance

❖ Annual goals

❖ Annual key dates


❖ Monthly calendar (Jan - Dec)

❖ Monthly plan and review

❖ Monthly goals

❖ Monthly finances

❖ Monthly trackers

❖ Weekly plan (53 weeks with links to daily plan and weekly plan)

❖ Weekly plan and review

❖ Daily plan (365 days)




❖ Fitness goals

❖ Step tracker

❖ Fitness trip

❖ Training tracker

❖ Challenge Tracker

❖ Weekly Workout Tracker

❖ Weekly training planner

❖ Walking/Running Tracker

❖ Intermittent fasting tracker



❖ Wish List

❖ Savings Tracker

❖ Finance tracker

❖ Monthly finances

❖ Challenge of not spending

❖ Debt Payment Tracker

❖ Savings thermometer

❖ Sinking Fund Tracker

❖ Debt Snowball Tracker

❖ Annual Financial Summary

❖ Bank and card information




❖ Pain Tracker ❖ Habit Tracker ❖ Mood Tracker ❖ Monthly Sleep ❖ Period Tracker ❖ Symptom Tracker ❖ Hydration Tracker ❖ Vitamins & Medications ❖ Doctor Appointments



❖ Time tracker

❖ Quarterly plan

❖ Record of work time

❖ Long-term goals

❖ Pomodoro Planner

❖ Level 10 Life Planner

❖ Smart Goal Planner



❖ TV Tracker

❖ Wish List

❖ Trip planner

❖ List to watch

❖ Book Reviews

❖ Movie tracker

❖ Outfit planner

❖ Routine planner

❖ Delivery Tracker

❖ Cleaning list

❖ Task planner and cleaning


✔︎ Project section with space for 12 projects

✔︎ 28 note templates to replicate endlessly according to your needs

✔︎ 7 custom pages

✔ And much more

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